selling some video game related stuff

okay guys. i need money more than i need this stuff.

1. nintendo wii, basically brand new, only used a few times. comes with wiimote, nunchuk, wiisports, and super smash bros brawl. asking $120 but willing to go lower.

2. game boy advance games:
-castlevania harmony of dissonance - $5
-castlevania aria of sorrow - $5
-harvest moon more friends of mineral town - $5
-boktai - $5
-golden sun - $5
-golden sun the lost age - $5
-pokemon ruby - $10
-pokemon sapphire - $10
-pokemon emerald - $10
-pokemon firered - $10
-pokemon leafgreen - $10
-zelda minish cap - $10

3. nintendo ds games:
-castlevania dawn of sorrow - $10
-castlevania portrait of ruin - $10
-super mario ds - $5
-animal crossing - $10

4. playstation/playstation 2 games
-castlevania lament of innocence - $10
-kingdom hearts - $10
-sly cooper 1 - $5
-jak and daxter 1 - $5
-FFX - $10
-FFX-2 - $15
-FFXII - $20
-chrono cross - $10
-castlevania symphony of the night - $5
-brave fencer musashi - $5
-lunar 2 - $10
-breath of fire iv - $5

i also have some pokedolls for sale:
-glameow $15
-shaymin land forme $25
-shaymin sky forme $25
-shinx $25
-eevee $30
-vaporeon $50 or best offer
-jolteon $30
-flareon $30
-espeon $50 or best offer
-umbreon $30

also would there be any interest in breyer horses? i have a ton of old ones back at my parents' house in ohio. they're not in the greatest condition because i used to play with them a lot but i won't sell them for huge amounts of money either. also thinking about selling jil's head for like 150 bucks. hm.

comment with your zipcode if interested or send an email to jilduck@yahoo.com

So now it's come to this...

My Livejournal is now, officially...

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So comment to be added, or just friend me or I'll friend you and stuff. Seriously, if you want to be on my friendslist, I'll add you. I'm open to adding anyone, you don't need to fit a certain criteria (though it helps if you're not creepy). I still want to make livejournal friends. So don't hesitate, prease!


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